Travel Advice Update
Friday, April 24, 2020
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As we stated earlier, we are working on the logistics of a commercial flight for stranded Kenyan passengers whose travel was thrown into disarray by COVID-19.

Kenya Airways has informed us that it has cancelled a London-Nairobi service planned for tomorrow, April 25, owing to strict rules on Coronavirus in Kenya, which require that all arriving passengers must be COVID-19 free.

COVID-19 tests in the UK are administered only to those who are sick and are admitted to the hospital. Passengers are, therefore, unable to take tests to prove that they do not have Coronavirus. We continue to work to find a way that passengers can be tested before travel.

We must emphasize that we have authority from cooperating governments to facilitate flights for only stranded passengers. We encourage other Kenyans in the diaspora to remain where they are until such a time when the lockdown is lifted, and air travel and air space is open.

The welfare and wellbeing of Kenyans in the UK remain our key priority.

For further information contact us via email at and emergency duty officer at +44 7979 973 794.

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