Kenyans in Distress
Kenyans residing or visiting United Kingdom are strongly urged to ensure that they observe the laws and regulations of this country in order to avoid getting into costly legal processes.
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Legal information for Kenyans in the UK

Kenyans are particularly urged to keep their immigration status valid at all times, and avoid being at the risk of facing deportation proceedings. All travel documents should in addition be kept valid. It is extremely important to register with the High Commission in case of any eventualities.

If for any reason you are arrested and detained:

Do not resist the arrest; it will only serve to aggravate your legal problems. Just seek an explanation from the law enforcers and ask to talk to the Consular section at the Kenya High Commission.

Give consent to the law enforcement agency to notify the High Commission, Consular Section, of your arrest/detention. This could be the only way through which the High Commission, and your next of kin, will be informed of your predicament and find possible ways for assistance.

When talking to the High Commission, state your case honestly and provide names and contacts of individuals, both in the United Kingdom and in Kenya, you wish to inform about your situation. The High Commission will communicate your messages to them as soon as possible.

If you can afford an attorney or lawyer, decline to answer questions relating to your case except in the presence and with the advice of your attorney or lawyer.

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Visit the Kenyan High Commission to apply for Passport or ID services. Currently all eTA services are carried out online.

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