Referred Visa
Holders of any Travel Documents/Certificates of Identity and nationals of the following countries shall have their visa applications referred to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi for approval:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Formerly North Korea), Eritrea, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Palestine, Senegal, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan and Yemen.
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Things to Note:

Visa applicants are required to have national passports/travel documents valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended entry into Kenya.

Visa processing fees are non-refundable and non-Transferable

The applications are usually forwarded to Immigration Headquarters, Nairobi for processing which takes 6-8 weeks.

A Visa DOES NOT authorize a foreign national to work in Kenya whether paid or unpaid. Those who wish to work in Kenya (paid or unpaid) require authorization from the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi.  Work/residence permit applications can be submitted by your appointed agent/contact in Kenya. For more information, please visit The Department of Immigration Services on and

Incomplete applications will NOT BE PROCESSED and WILL BE REJECTED.

The possession of a visa for Kenya is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse such a person permission to enter if he is satisfied that such a visitor is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements and that the entry and presence of such a visitor, in Kenya would be contrary to national interests even though such a person may be in possession of a valid visa for Kenya, provided that any such refusal is consented to by the Director of Immigration Services Nairobi, his Deputy or Provincial Heads of Immigration at Mombasa, Kisumu, and Garissa or any other Senior Officer so authorized to deputize.

All application letters should be addressed as:

The High Commissioner,
Kenya High Commission,
45 Portland Place
London, W1B 1AS
Attn: Consular & Visa Section

Visa Requirements for Applying at the High Commission via post
Duly filled application form (Click to Download)
A national passport (original and copy) that is valid for at least  six (6) months and has two (2) blank pages
One passport UK standard sized photograph taken on white background and within the last six months
A letter from the applicant addressed to the High Commissioner requesting for the visa.
Introduction letter from Employer where applicable.
A certified self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your passport(s)  (for postal applications). The envelope should have sufficient return postage.
Invitation letter from host in Kenya explaining relationship between host and applicant and signed by the host (invitations by email which are usually not signed are unacceptable).
Host’s copy of ID or Passport if visiting an individual. If host is non-Kenyan copy of their resident permit will also be required. Details of the host should be clearly stated both in the invitation letter and form 22, such as Names, Postal address including postal code, Residential/Physical address, Telephone/cell phone numbers and E-mail address.
Non-refundable fee of £5 payable by Postal Order/company Bankers Cheque (all postal applications). Personal Cheques are not acceptable
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Visit the Kenyan High Commission to apply for Passport or ID services. Currently all Visa services are carried out online or via post.

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