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General FAQ

Can I make an application for my spouse to be registered as a citizen of Kenya at the High Commission?
Can my child born in the United Kingdom be issued with a Kenyan Passport?
Can one apply for a work permit to work in Kenya at the High Commission?
Do British citizens require yellow fever vaccinations before travelling to Kenya?
Does the mission provide financial assistance?
How long does it take to process a passport application?
If a visitor has a valid visitor's pass and visits Tanzania or Uganda, then returns to Kenya within the validity, would they need another visa?
If I am on transit in Kenya and don't leave the airport would I require a transit visa?
Is the High Commission the only place a traveller can get a visa?
What does one need if they wish to work in Kenya?
Can I reside in Kenya without engaging in employment?
When is a transit visa issued?
Which countries does the East Africa tourist visa cover?

Passport FAQ

How do I make a passport application?
How are payments made?
Does the Kenya High Commission in London accept payments for passport services?
I have been trying to create an account on ecitizen, I have filled all the required fields, the system is now asking me to enter a verification code, but I have not received it on my mobile phone, what can I do to proceed?
Can I post my application?
Who is a recommender?
Could I use my recommender’s passport copy rather than their ID?

Citizenship FAQ

How to arrange an appointment with the Kenyan High Commission in London?
Are eCitizen appointments valid at the Kenya High Commission, London?
I took citizenship of one or more countries prior to 2010, and  at the time I was aged 23 years and above:
a) Is my Kenyan citizenship still valid?
b) How can I reclaim my Kenyan citizenship?
Who is eligible to regain Kenya Citizenship?
What to do before you visit the Kenya High Commission to declare your dual citizenship?
Who needs to declare dual Citizenship and Why?
Does the Kenya High Commission offer legal advice and support?