Children Born Abroad
As Per the Kenya constitution (2010), a Child born abroad to a Kenyan Parent is granted automatic citizenship. Such a child is entitled to a Kenyan passport and any document of registration or identification issued by the state to its citizens.
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Things to Note:

As a measure to support the containment of the spread of Covid-19, applicants are advised to submit completed applications STRICTLY ONLY via POSTAL SERVICES.

(Appointments for Passports & ID's only)

Provide your full name and postal address, telephone number and emails on the application forms before sending your application by post to facilitate dispatch of processed documents.

Dual Citizens are required to declare dual citizenship prior to submitting an application for a certificate of birth or provide proof of having done so. (Click here for more information on declaring dual citizenship)

Regaining Kenya citizenship is done by a person who was a citizen of Kenya by birth and who ceased to be a citizen of Kenya because he or she acquired the citizenship of another country before 27th August, 2010.

A person who is required to regain Kenya Citizenship must await completion of the regaining process before applying for a certificate of birth for their children if the child was born after they acquired other citizenship.

Note that it shall be the responsibility of clients to immediately notify us in writing via  of any changes to their postal address to avoid inconveniences in delivery of services.

Address your completed application to:

The High Commissioner,
Kenya High Commission,
45 Portland Place
London, W1B 1AS
Attn: Immigration & Consular Section

Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be rejected.

Requirements to Apply for a Birth Certificate when Born Abroad
Duly filled application form (Click to Download)
Two copies of relevant pages of parent’s passports
Two copies of child’s British Birth Certificate certified by a Solicitor/Commissioner of Oaths
Two copies of parent’s Marriage Certificate
Two copies of both parent’s Birth Certificates
Fee of £5 payable by postal order
A certified self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your document(s)  (for postal applications). The envelope should have sufficient return postage.
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Visit the Kenyan High Commission to apply for Passport or ID services. Currently all Visa services are carried out online.

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