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Friday, February 24, 2023
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Kenya aims to transform into a newly industrialized ‘middle-income country providing a high-quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030’. The Establishment of Special Economic Zones(SEZ) is Key to the achievement of this vision. A number of Zones have been earmarked for development.

SEZ provides a purpose-built vehicle through which other economic and social flagship projects of vision2030 and the Kenya Kwanza plan can be implemented.

In addition, the programme has been identified and positioned as a central pillar of the Kenya Kwanza Administration's plans to achieve employment and wealth creation objectives. Twenty-three (23) Special Economic Zones are administered by the SEZ Authority, of which four (4) are public and nineteen (19) are private.

Incentives for investing in SEZ

Besides Kenya providing a stable economy, wider market access through its economic and trade cooperation, modern and good infrastructure and Investment guarantees, the government also provides administrative and fiscal incentives for investing in the Special Economic Zones.

Zones designated as special economic zones may be designated as single-sector or multiple-sector zones andmay include, among others, the following industries:

a)  Agricultural Zone:

SEZ to facilitate agricultural sector and relates activities and services.


b)  Business Service Park

To facilitate provision of services to regional headquarters, BPOs, call centres, management consulting, advisory services and other associated services.


c)  Free Trade Zone

A customs-controlled area where goods are off-loaded for transhipment, storage and may include bulk breaking, repacking, sorting, mixing, trading or other forms of handling excluding manufacturing and processing.


d)  Livestock Zone:

A zone where livestock marshalling and inspection, livestock feeding or fattening, abattoir and refrigeration, deboning, value addition, manufacture of veterinary products and other related activities are carried out.


e)  Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO)

SEZ to provide outsourcing services such as back-office support services in human resources, finance, accounting, and procurement among others.


f)   Freeport Zone:

A designated area at the port where goods introduced there are regarded to be outside the customs territory (EAC Countries).


g)  Industrial Park:

A zone with integrated infrastructure to facilitate manufacturing and processing industries. • Information Communication Technology Park: A zone to facilitate ICT sector, its services and related activities.


h)  Science and Technology Park

A zone to facilitate the science and technology sector

The Kenya Special Economic Zones Authority is seeking Expressions of Interest from international firms interested in investing in either or both of Kenya's Special Economic Zones, Dongo Kundu (3000 acres) and Naivasha (1000 acres).*||* #DongoKunduSEZ #InvestInSEZKe

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