Lost or Damaged Passport
If your Kenyan passport has been lost or damaged  and you wish to replace it, please read the following information carefully.
Passport Requirements
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Things to note:

Please ensure you have read and understood the guidelines and requirements both on www.ecitizen.go.ke and those listed below before submitting your application.

Applications for passports are accepted between 9.30hrs-13.00 hrs. (Monday - Friday) by Appointment only.

New passports or replacement of passports are applied through e-citizen portal (www.ecitizen.go.ke) You will require to download and print out the form at the end, sign, date the form and attach the required documents. Thereafter make an appointment through Kenya High Commission website (www.kenyahighcom.org.uk) and submit your documents in person at the High Commission for biometric capture.

Passport fees

32 pages Ordinary “A” series - Ksh. 4,550
48 pages Ordinary “B” series - Ksh. 6,050
64 pages Ordinary “C” series - Ksh. 7,550
48 pages Diplomatic Passport - Ksh. 7,550
Mutilated passport - Ksh.10,050
Lost Passport - Ksh12,050

Passport applications without complete requirements will not be processed. Please ensure all the requirements are met.

Documents uploaded should be picture format (jpeg/jpg)

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

You must bring your original Kenyan Birth Certificate, parent's Identity Card and Passport that is being replaced. Copies will not suffice.

Please ensure you follow the order of documents as outlined below.

The waiting period is approximately 6 weeks.

Persons born before 27th August 1987 and have acquired citizenship of other countries before promulgation of Kenya Constitution on 27th August 2010 will be required to provide proof of having regained and declared Kenya Citizenship.

Dual Citizens are required to declare their other nationality prior to renewing Kenya passports.

Those required to apply to regain Kenya citizenship are expected to await completion of the regaining process.

Use clear photos with all facial features clearly outline against a white background without shadows in the background. The photo should be decent & not include spectacles. The face should be 2.5 by 2 inches

Collection of passports is strictly only via postal services.

As a measure in support of the containment of the spread of Covid-19, applicants are advised to provide at the time of application, a secure, registered and trackable self-addressed envelope with pre-paid postage stamps for the dispatch of their critical documents. The envelope should have sufficient return postage (not less than 500g) and clearly indicates full names and postcode of the applicant.

Note that Birth Certificate Entry. No. is the number that appears on the left-hand side of the birth certificate above the date of birth.

Persons born abroad must apply and obtain a Kenya born abroad birth certificate first. A copy of the Foreign Birth certificate is to be submitted as well.

Please provide your email address and a telephone contact in all your applications

Requirements for Lost or Damaged Passport
A printout of completed form and two corresponding receipts (Available on E-Citizen)
A copy of a Police Report/ a proforma from immobilise (click here for more) in case of a lost passport
Duly filled proforma (and a copy) for lost/damaged passport (Click to download)
Copy of residence permit/ certificate of Naturalisation/ proof of having regained Kenya citizenship and or declared Kenya citizenship for Dual Citizens.
A Sworn Affidavit (and a copy) done before a Commissioner of Oaths explaining the circumstances under which the passport got lost or mutilated.
A copy of lost passport or original of any previously held passport.
The damaged passport (and a copy) for those replacing a mutilated one.
Original Kenya National ID card and a copy.
A copy of certificate of birth (Showing names of parents)
A copy of Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by registration
A copy of United Kingdom’s Residence Permit/Visa
Two passport- sized photographs 45mm x 35mm (UK Standard Size) with one photo signed at the back by your recommender (Refer to notes 2 & 3 in the application form).
Applications must be recommended by a Kenyan citizen, who should provide two copies of his/her passport or ID card.
Additional documentary for proof of Kenya citizenship may be required if necessary.
A secure, registered and trackable self-addressed envelope with pre-paid postage stamps for the dispatch of their critical documents. The envelope should have sufficient return postage (not less than 500g) and clearly indicates full names and postcode of the applicant.
Order of Documents
Secure, registered and trackable self-addressed envelope
Invoice 1
Application form & photos clipped to the top left hand
Copy of Passport
Invoice 2
Recommender’s ID or Passport
Copy of Kenyan Birth Certificate
Copies of Parents’ Documents (IDs/Passports) (Optional for Replacements)
Copy of Applicant’s ID (For person’s aged 18 years and above)
Copy of Marriage Certificate (where applicable)
Letters for those requesting change of name
Copy of residence card/visa or Certificate of Naturalization for Dual Citizens
For Dual Citizens- Proof of having either regained Kenya Citizenship and or Declared Dual Citizenship
Copy of Certificate of Registration (For citizens by registration)
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